Jatau, School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University or college of Tasmania, Hobart, TAS, Australia

Jatau, School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University or college of Tasmania, Hobart, TAS, Australia. Murtala Jibril, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Bayero University or college Kano, Nigeria. Binta Kurfi, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Health Science, Bayero University or college, Kano, Nigeria. searched in Medline, Embase, and Scopus from 2000 to 2021. Dissemination: The findings of the study will MZ1 Rabbit polyclonal to LIN28 be communicated through publication in peer-reviewed journal and presentation at scientific conferences. Medicinal plants have been important sources for the development of many effective drugs currently available in orthodox medicine. Botanically derived medicines have played a major role in human societies throughout history. Plants components used in traditional medicine gained much attention by many toxinologists as a tool for designing potent antidotes against snake envenoming. Our systematic review will provide a synthesis of the literature around the efficacy of these medicinal plants. We will also appraise the potential customers of African medicinal plants with pharmacologically exhibited activity against snakebite and envenoming. studies and the same tool will be altered to assess models and studies that combine and studies. 17 Databases to be searched English published articles will be searched in PubMed, Embase, Scopus, and ScienceDirect from 2000 to May, 2021. Search strategy Medline PubMed (herbal medicine(MeSH Terms) OR plants, medicinal(MeSH Terms) OR herb extracts(MeSH Terms) OR teas, herbal(MeSH Terms) OR medicine, traditional(MeSH Terms) OR medicine, african traditional(MeSH Terms) OR phytotherapy (MeSH Terms) OR pharmacognosy(MeSH Terms) OR ethnobotany(MeSH Terms) OR ethnopharmacology(MeSH Terms) OR materia medica(MeSH Terms) OR homeopathy(MeSH Terms) OR complementary therapies(MeSH Terms) OR spiritual therapies(MeSH Terms) OR naturopathy(MeSH Terms) OR acupuncture therapy(MeSH Terms) OR cupping therapy(MeSH Terms) OR mind body therapies(MeSH Terms) OR herbal plant*(Title/Abstract) OR plant*(Title/Abstract) AND (snakes(MeSH Terms) OR elapidae(MeSH Terms) OR viperidae(MeSH Terms) OR crotalinae(MeSH Terms) OR naja(MeSH Terms) OR naja naja(MeSH Terms) OR naja haje(MeSH Terms) OR snake bites(MeSH Terms) OR snake venoms(MeSH Terms) OR viper venoms(MeSH Terms) OR crotalid venoms(MeSH Terms) OR elapid venoms (MeSH Terms) OR crotalid venoms(MeSH Terms) OR elapid venoms(MeSH Terms) OR antivenins(MeSH Terms) OR Echis(Title/Abstract) OR Bitis(Title/Abstract) OR Cobra (Title/Abstract) OR snake antivenom*(Title/Abstract) OR snake anti venom*(Title/Abstract) MZ1 OR snakebite*(Title/Abstract) OR antisnake* (Title/Abstract) OR anti snake*(Title/Abstract) OR anti snake*(Title/Abstract) OR snake antivenin*(Title/Abstract) OR antivenom(Title/Abstract) OR anti-venom(Title/Abstract) OR snake antidote*(Title/Abstract) AND (Cameroon (MeSH Terms) OR Chad(MeSH Terms) OR Central African Republic(MeSH Terms) OR Congo(MeSH Terms) OR Democratic Republic of the Congo(MeSH Terms) OR Equatorial Guinea(MeSH Terms) OR Gabon (MeSH Terms) OR Sao Tome and Principe(MeSH Terms) OR Burundi(MeSH Terms) OR Djibouti(MeSH Terms) OR Eritrea(MeSH Terms) OR Ethiopia(MeSH Terms) OR Rwanda(MeSH Terms) OR Somalia(MeSH Terms) OR South Sudan(MeSH Terms) OR Sudan(MeSH Terms) OR Tanzania(MeSH Terms) OR Uganda(MeSH Terms) OR Angola(MeSH Terms) OR Botswana(MeSH Terms) OR Eswatini(MeSH Terms) OR Lesotho(MeSH Terms) OR Malawi(MeSH Terms) OR Mozambique(MeSH Terms) OR Namibia (MeSH Terms) OR South Africa(MeSH Terms) OR Zambia(MeSH Terms) OR Zimbabwe (MeSH Terms) OR Benin(MeSH Terms) OR Burkina Faso(MeSH Terms) OR Cabo Verde(MeSH Terms) OR Cote d’Ivoire(MeSH Terms) OR Gambia(MeSH Terms) OR Ghana(MeSH Terms) OR Guinea(MeSH Terms) OR Guinea-Bissau(MeSH Terms) OR Liberia(MeSH Terms) OR Mali(MeSH Terms) OR Niger(MeSH Terms) OR Nigeria(MeSH Terms) OR Senegal(MeSH Terms) OR Sierra Leone(MeSH Terms) OR Togo(MeSH Terms) OR Egypt(MeSH Terms) OR Algeria(MeSH Terms) OR Libya(MeSH Terms) OR Morocco(MeSH Terms) OR Tunisia(MeSH Terms) OR africa(MeSH Terms) OR africa*(Title/Abstract). Scopus (TITLE-ABS-KEY (plant* OR herb* OR extract* OR tradition* medicine* OR tradition* remed* OR alternat* medicine* OR alternat* remed* OR complementary therap* OR complementary remed* OR complementary medicine* OR africa* medicine* OR africa* therap* OR africa* remed* OR home medicine* OR home therap* OR home remed* OR soul* medicine* OR soul* therap* OR soul* remed* OR ethnomedic* OR phytotherap* OR ethnotherap* OR phytochemi* OR pharmacognos* OR ethnobotan* OR ethnopharmacolog* OR materia medica OR homeopath* OR naturopath* OR acupuncture* OR cupping* OR mind body therapies)) AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY (snake? OR snakebite? OR elapid? OR viperid? OR crotalin? OR naja? OR echis OR bitis OR cobra OR snake-venom? OR viper-venom? OR crotalid-venom? OR elapid-venom? OR antivenin? OR anti-venin? OR anti venin? OR snake-antivenom? OR antivenom? OR anti-venom? OR anti venom? OR antisnake? OR anti-snake? OR anti snake? OR snake antidote?)) AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY (africa? OR cameroon OR chad OR Central African Republic OR congo OR Equatorial Guinea OR gabon OR principe OR burundi OR djibouti OR eritrea OR ethiopia OR rwanda OR somalia OR South Sudan OR sudan OR tanzania MZ1 OR uganda OR angola OR botswana OR eswatini OR lesotho OR malawi OR.